Drivers Education

Segment 1

Segment 1 consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind the wheel driving instruction (minimum), and 4 hours of observation (minimum).

Segment 1 is designed to prepare teens to acquire a Level 1 Learner’s License. The class will focus on the rules of the road, defensive driving, and being a safe driver. Upon successful completion of Segment 1 and the Segment 1 Knowledge Test, (which is administered during Segment 1), a green driver education Segment 1 Certificate of Completion will be issued.

*Students must be at least 14 years, 8 months in age and have a parents permission to register.*

**The Segment 1 Certificate of Completion is NOT a permit to drive and cannot be treated as a driver’s license. You MUST go to the Secretary of State to obtain the Level 1 Learner’s License.**

Segment 1 Contract


Segment 2

Segment 2 consists of a minimum 6 hours classroom instruction.

In Segment 2, students discuss driving experiences that they have personally dealt with or have seen happen on the road. Some topics discussed are road rage, high risk behaviors, and drunk driving. Segment 2 stresses the dangers of being a high-risk driver and the serious consequences for their actions. Upon completion of Segment 2 and the Segment 2 test, developed by the Department of State, a white driver education Segment 2 Certificate of Completion will be issued.


-Hold a valid Level 1 Drivers license for 3 months.

-Complete 30 of the 50 required driving hours (2 hours must be at night)


Segment 2 Contract

Please call the office to register.

*Have your student’s Level 1 License when you call.

Adult Training

Adult training consists of an hour-long evaluation of your driving skills. This evaluation would be similar to the state road test, but we would provide you with a written report and NOT a road test completion certification.

In addition to the hour-long evaluation, we also provide an hour-long training in which you tell us what you need to work on. We can schedule by the hour for as long as you need to feel comfortable.

*You are required to have your Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP)



* All classes are held at our main office located at 64007 Van Dyke, Washington, MI 48095.